Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

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Eyelid surgery, also called blepharoplasty, is a plastic surgery procedure that is meant to improve how a patient’s eyes look. During the procedure, excess tissue around the eye region is removed. People who have drooping or heavy eyelids and puffy bags under their eyes generally look a lot older than they are. It is people like these that require eyelid surgery to correct these conditions and improve the general appearance of their faces.

Being a minor procedure, eyelid surgery is mostly performed under a combination of IV sedation and a local anesthesia. Many people prefer getting the eyelid surgery procedure when they are undergoing other plastic surgery procedures such as brow lift, facelift or rhinoplasty.

Although some patients may decide to have the procedure done on the upper or lower eyelids, most patients prefer having the procedure on all eyelids. During the procedure, incisions are made below the eyelashes for lower eyelids and in the your eyes’ crease for upper eyelids.

Questions About Blepharoplasty

After a patient has undergone the eyelid surgery, it is crucial that they receive essential follow-up care. This will ensure that the patient heals properly to get best results. Due to this, one of the best places to get the best information and guide on eyelid surgery is at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Southeast Texas.